Abbott is a project and program management consultancy working across all sectors of the built environment. We focus on minimizing risk and creating opportunities to maximize the value of our clients’ development and property assets.



Executing complex projects through effective planning, the right team, and rigorous controls.

Creating the right delivery strategy for a project starts with a detailed preparation stage during which business requirements, risks, constraints, and stakeholder interests are fully understood.

Our project management approach reduces risk and helps clients deliver projects in a consistent and improved manner while managing a process that is demanding and complex, especially when under acute time pressure.

Abbott has many years of experience implementing innovative solutions for some of the most complex and intricate projects around the globe. It’s this formula that has helped Abbott successfully deliver some of the industries most challenging projects.


As construction programs with multiple locations and faster-paced schedules become increasingly more common, the risk only grows!

Abbott works with its clients to organize the creation of the world’s largest, most sophisticated and faster-paced programs of work within the built environment. We provide independent advice, detailed support, and commitment to successful delivery to our clients.

This coordinated effort includes managing and organizing hundreds of separate, concurrent activities, creating a strategy to manage and mitigate risk, as well as coordinating with all internal and external parties involved across multiple projects within the program.

Major programs are not just magnified versions of smaller projects; they are a completely different challenge in terms of their level aspiration, lead times, complexity and shareholder involvement. While working alongside the Client from inception to post-completion, solving problems and turning challenges into greater opportunities, Abbott is a trusted advocate delivering consistent results.



In a world where commodity and resource costs fluctuate, it is imperative that procurement costs and contracts are as accurate as possible.

Our approach to cost management is driven by a real commitment to maximizing return on investment for our clients. From inception to post-completion, Abbott’s network of experts provides cost management advice that ensures value for the client, when projects come in on budget.

We optimize cost performance at every stage throughout the program from day one and with our breadth of market intelligence we establish project viability with a clear, robust baseline.

Our strong industry knowledge mixed with no links to the rest of the supply chain allows Abbott to help investors mitigate their investment risk. At Abbott, we provide truly independent advice, delivering the right solutions to manage threats and changes pro-actively.


Do you know the cost of your real estate investment over its lifetime?

The initial capital outlay cost is, however only a portion of the cost of the assets life cycle that needs to be considered when making the correct investment or maintenance choices. Our team reviews the total costs implications of the project as it combines the capital costs of constructing the facility with maintenance, operational and occupational costs. This allows our clients to manage their CapEx and OpEx expenditures effectively throughout the life of the investment.



Unfortunately, from time to time projects become derailed, ending up in a very tenuous position, as it pertains to the schedule and budget.

Our Troubled Project Recovery team provides the technical knowledge and a greater understanding of the issues that are affecting the budget and schedule. We assist clients to recover the time, costs and quality, by applying sound management techniques and a control framework, focusing on de-mystifying the construction process while increasing the efficiency of the process.


Successful Risk Management is the identification and evaluation of the uncertainties and inherent risks in a project – and the subsequent calculation and control of their impact on the project success.

Abbott’s expertise in Risk Management is key to the successful closing out of projects on time and on budget. With our systematic approach to Risk Management we undertake a concurrent cost and schedule risk analysis that allows us to run multiple scenarios on the budget and the program. By identifying risks at the earliest possible stage, effective mitigation strategies can be implemented to control and proactively manage risk.


At Abbott we are committed to delivering excellence through creative thinking and cutting-edge technologies – it’s this approach that’s been driving our success for over 40 years. We develop and maintain a strong local, regional and global supplier base – one that continues to support our clients’ ever evolving needs.

Our clients for many years have been coming to us, for our ability to evaluate existing and potential suppliers. Whatever proposals and quotations are put in front of us, we consider the competitiveness of pricing, the quality of the goods and services and the overall supplier capabilities – that will allow clients to prosper far into the future of our ever-changing world.


That’s why we’re committed to ensuring the highest ethical and social standards are applied to by all our people.

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