Abbott is a project and schedule management consultancy working across all sectors of the built environment. We focus on minimizing risk and creating opportunities to maximize the value of our clients’ development and property assets.



Project Management is at the heart of Abbott’s core services delivered by our project and program management consultancy.

Through effective project management we plan, control and deliver projects to cost and on program, minimizing risk while achieving quality and maximizing investment returns. We have extensive experience at working within complex environments which span multiple locations, bringing together an unparalleled experience with a first-class reputation which gives clients the confidence that we always work in their best interests.


Comprehensive programming, planning and management are vital to the development and delivery of a successful project.

Our role is that of an advocate and arbitrator: maniacally focused on evaluating and balancing conflict requirements, while delivering multiple successful projects by ensuring our clients achieve effective programming, cost and schedule solutions.


Owner’s Representation can be readily available to augment existing in-house staff with project managers of particular disciplines and skills to suit every project type.

Our team are highly trained and skilled specialists from all areas from the industry including architects, project managers, schedulers, cost consultants, construction managers and more. This multidisciplinary approach allows us to provide Owner’s Representation services, delivering projects with a level of complexity.


Our team of Development Management experts have years of experience delivering complex capital, revenue and investment programs across the construction sector.

Our role as an independent development manager is to support a party that has a direct interest in the successful completion of a project, but who has no direct control over its delivery. We interact with lenders, their attorneys, contractors and real estate experts at every stage of the development ensuring they make calculated decisions that mitigate the risks that might impact the project.



Schedule Management & Project Controls are imperative to identify variables that will ultimately impact the ability to have a project stay on schedule and on budget.

Abbott develops and implements robust schedule, control processes and procedures to ensure projects are carried out methodically with due regard to potential risks, constraints and barriers to progress. We work with client management teams to ensure projects, particularly complex ones, deliver and manage key commercial and contractual milestones, while facilitating scheduled risk analysis.


At Abbott our independence from the rest of the supply chain allows our team to provide an unparalleled experience of impartial advice, delivering the right solutions to protect our clients’ interests and minimize risks.

We control and manage costs at all stages of the construction process. By incorporating change management procedures into project procurement, it allows our client’s the ability to make informed and timely decisions. Cost Management is one of the core services of our project and program management consultancy.


Do you know the cost of your real estate investment over its lifetime?

The initial capital outlay cost is, however only a portion of the cost of the assets life cycle that needs to be considered when making the correct investment or maintenance choices. Our team reviews the total costs implications of the project as it combines the capital costs of constructing the facility with maintenance, operational and occupational costs. This allows our clients to manage their CapEx and OpEx expenditures effectively throughout the life of the investment.



Unfortunately, from time to time projects become derailed, ending up in a very tenuous position, as it pertains to the schedule and budget.

Our Troubled Project Recovery team provides the technical knowledge and a greater understanding of the issues that are affecting the budget and schedule. We assist clients to recover the time, costs and quality, by applying sound management techniques and a control framework, focusing on de-mystifying the construction process while increasing the efficiency of the process.


Successful Risk Management is the identification and evaluation of the uncertainties and inherent risks in a project – and the subsequent calculation and control of their impact on the project success.

Abbott’s expertise in Risk Management is key to the successful closing out of projects on time and on budget. With our systematic approach to Risk Management we undertake a concurrent cost and schedule risk analysis that allows us to run multiple scenarios on the budget and the program. By identifying risks at the earliest possible stage, effective mitigation strategies can be implemented to control and proactively manage risk.