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Western Support Services


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As a top-ranked research institution, Western University has seen unprecedented growth in its engineering, science, and medical faculties in recent years. Therefore, opportunities to address this growth and realize the potential of their award-winning master plan were a top priority for the University. 

Western’s team engaged Abbott to provide cost, development, and program management; in view of utilizing valuable campus land, addressing debilitated maintenance, and fulfilling the potential of entrepreneurship and interdisciplinary research. Attaining these objectives involved designing and constructing a new faculty services complex that encompassed all support services into one cohesive facility. Abbott’s team conducted extensive studies to determine the optimal relocation for the support services building due to inadequate infrastructure and the high value of the facilities’ current real estate. Upon completion of the initial studies and evaluation, the ground-up support services building was put in place. Designed to connect support services with the campus at large, the new building encourages exploration, research, and community development.

Subsequent space allotted from the initial demolition made way for a brand new Faculty of Information and Media Studies – staying true to Western’s ongoing mission of transformation and growth.


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