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As part of a plan to revitalize the existing race track, Western Fair turned to Abbott to manage the program of a multi-purpose arena and a revised casino with current plans of a new hotel, as well as multiple new restaurants. 

As a culmination of work over three years, Abbott has provided program management, project management, and cost consulting services. Abbott lead projects such as the construction of the horse stables, tunnels opening into the infield, the complete restoration of the grandstands, as well as all surroundings buildings in the casino’s vicinity, such as bars, restaurants, shops, and restrooms. Abbott also managed the historic restoration of the existing dilapidated building, as well as the complete ground up building of the arena and recreation center, to turn the facility into a stand alone entertainment center. 

Today, Western Fair is a sleek, modern, and vibrant urban destination that far exceeds its peers in the area while providing an unmatched spectator and visitor experience.


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