Stoney Creek Community Recreation & Library

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Stoney Creek Community Recreation & Library


Stoney Creek Community Recreation & Library


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At the heart of an emerging multi-generational neighborhood in North London, a unique parcel of land was set aside to establish a Stoney Creek community center. The City, along with the YMCA, provided a facility for residents of this neighborhood, many of whom routinely traveled to other pockets of the City in search of space for athletic programming and social gathering.

Through an extensive public consultation process with residents, the City collaborated with Abbott to develop a vibrant center that hosts a diversity of spaces that serve individual and connective programming needs. The new Recreation Center now exists as a catalyst for social, environmental, and urban growth. It remains a hub for the community that includes flexible multi-use spaces, a gymnasium, leisure pool with an adjustable floor, aquatics center, indoor running track, steam rooms, and a public library branch.

In just its first month of operation, the Center thrived with more than 10,000 residents signing up for its various programs and activities!

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