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3M partnered with Abbott to realize their vision for a new northern headquarters. In addition to the new building and relocation process, there was also a need for the adjacent sandpaper factory to grow. With this is mind, 3M’s team purchased a shell for the new headquarters with an existing structure, which needed complete redevelopment and additions. Following the build of the new facility, the sandpaper factory offices would be demolished, and expanded into additional space for the factory. 

Knowing our own firm’s commitment to sustainability, 3M entrusted Abbott with both projects, to compile and manage the team throughout the construction process, as well as keep the project on schedule and on budget. The end result was spectacular, with a sleek, modern glass exterior to welcome natural light, and give employees floor-to-ceiling views of the lush green landscape. The new headquarters included a variety of work spaces and activity-based areas that provide for either solitude or collaboration. Additional features include an exercise center, rooftop patio, cafeteria, and daycare. Most importantly, the headquarters provided a completely sustainable environment for all employees and staff to reside with peace of mind.

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