2U Tech Headquarters

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2U Tech Headquarters




Troubled Project Recovery
Project Management


Information & Technology


71,000 sqft

2U is a world-class online education system, with a student-focused culture that brings universities into the digital age. In 2016, 2U came across difficulty with the management of a NYC repositioning project, and Abbott was brought on board to recover a project that the internal team, external project management, and external owner’s representative were not able to deliver. Abbott provided full project and construction management for the repositioning of the Jehovah Witness’s Watchtower printing facility into a preeminent Tech Headquarters for 2U. With lengthy delays and massive overruns, 2U was a tenuous and highly complex project from day one. Abbott not only fully recovered the project, but delivered on time and within budget, driving the building’s transformation into world class offices for 2U in the heart of New York City. 

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