Victoria Hospital Heating Plant

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Victoria Hospital Heating Plant


Victoria Hospital Heating Plant


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Energy management plays a significant role in LHSC history, dating back to the 1970s. As a hospital, they recognize that equitable energy management can save substantial amounts of money while simultaneously reducing air pollution, acid rain, and carbon emissions.

By partnering with Abbott to manage the construction and ongoing facility maintenance, LHSC has effectively managed the supply and delivery as it relates to the process of procuring, generating, and distributing energy throughout the campus. With our Project Management, Risk Management, and Life Cycle Costing support, LHSC can utilize its new heating plant to generate its electricity and supply steam and electricity to many others in the area. 

Abbott’s team took on a project that presented both a high level of complexity and risk. By using a methodical and innovative approach, Abbott transformed potential into reality, reshaping the future of Victoria Hospital for decades to come. 

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